Send WhatsApp Message

Without saving the number in contact list

WhatsApp is a great communication tools be it for personal or business purpose. It is really easy to connect to people by using this App.

However, one of the most annoying limitation of WhatsApp is that, you need to add the person in your contact list prior to that. This limitation may hinder you to start communicating. It is worse for business, as the customer may turn away.

Luckily, WhatsApp now have API features to get around this problem. This website aim to make you connect to other people easier by utilising WhatsApp API.

To use, either key in the information in the form above or use Chat Feature below.

Click to Chat Feature

If you are selling online you probably interested in click to chat feature. This feature will allow you to embed the link in your website, Facebook page or Instagram so that your customer can contact you without saving the number in contact list.

To use this feature use the format as below. [phone] is the full phone number including the country code but without any zeroes, brackets or dashes and [text] is your URL Encoded Text.[phone][phone]/?text=[text]